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The Choice is Clear!

The 3rd generation DigiGlass is a "see through" ultra-thin, full-color digital window display which mounts on the inside surface of a window. It has full digital capability while offering 85% "see thru" visibility. There is no product like it available today. This exclusive product can open up a new and profitable quick-turn revenue stream for your company. Imagine the fast turn-around of 1-2 weeks to set up a "DigiGlass" vs. the traditional 1-6 months to pull permits and production.


• High degree of see-through visibility: 85% transparent see-through, for viewer inside and outside to look-through. The integrated LED lamps are tiny and almost invisible from outside of the building. Will not affect the overall appearance of the building.

• Compact design and light weight: An individual tile 8mm thick and is suitable for any glass wall. The weight is only 2.5lbs/sqf (12Kg/sqm) which minimizes the stress to the glass wall.

• Ease of Installation and Maintenance: No need to change any existing building structure. The tiles can be mounted to the back of the glass at a speedy 10 seconds per tile. Tiles easily serviceable if required.

• Saving and earning money: Save over 200% vs. traditional floodlight and play vivid video or still frame digital ad copies. Generate digital media dollars over the life time of the display. Content management and creation services also available.

• Wide applications: DigiGlass LED Screen can be applied wherever glass windows exist; such as commercial building, landmark architecture, art center, shopping mall, super markets, retail chain stores, etc. Your imagination is the limit.