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    "Sales grabs the customer, service keeps them"
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    "Service drives the sale"
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    DigiGlass wins 2011 SEGD new product of the year
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    Excuse the dust while we work on the new website!
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    "Only business worth pursuing is long-term business"
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    DigiGlass featured on Sept SEGD, eg Magazine (Pg 16)

Sales: 1-801-960-2533 | Tech: 1-801-960-3533



Seriously Saves Juice; Now Extremely Light Nowadays, many products are being touted as "Green" or "Low-Carbon", our Eco series digital billboard truly fits the bill with up 70% over traditional LED displays. With the…
The Choice is Clear! The 3rd generation DigiGlass is a "see through" ultra-thin, full-color digital window display which mounts on the inside surface of a window. It has full digital capability while offering…
"We're talkin' real big!" DigiMesh® is a patented system used for the digilization of large facade surfaces. DigiMesh® offers architects, investors and building owners a large spectrum of new design possibilities: Architects can…
Quality Systems Technology, "FMS" series electronic message centers (EMCs) provide the fastest ROI solution available for a dynamic advertising medium or a source of community information. The Quest® displays feature effective text messages…
The Soft Mesh "SM" 10/20 is a super soft and light led mesh that allows free form to various shapes and surfaces.Enclosed in a tough PC shell, the SM10/20 is the perfect solution…
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