The only business worth doing is long-term business and we hope call YOU our FRIENDS years down the road…

Mission Statement

Let's Go To Work!
We are committed to increasing customer value by providing the best customer service at the utmost quality/price product period.

Core Value

Slow and Steady Wins the Race
• Offer the highest level of service possible rooted in internal motivation of excellence.
• Take charge in helping our clients exceed their sales goals.
• Communicate honestly and frankly about the production status, costs and progress--even if it's to our short-term detriment.

Customer Service Philosophy

Service Drives the Sale
In a mature industry where the product is increasingly becoming a commodity, we will not forget while it's the sales that gets the customer, it's the exceptional customer service that keeps the customer.

Dealer Support

To ensure the customers win more jobs we will:

Help you with specs and drawings to win the job.

Help you with installation, in-field survey.

Help you with customized content and rendering that's suitable to your end-user.

Finding a customized solutions when the standard product doesn't fit the need.

Quickly provide you with 'white label' technical specs, drawings, power demand, weight etc.

Branded online quote generator to help you send an instant quotation to your customer.

Our service starts long before the sales transaction


Always over deliver on and under promise.

Accommodate to help you at the times when YOU are available.

Provide real-time spare parts and inventory levels.

Help YOU to the best of our abilities even if when it's not our obligation.

NOT nickle and dime YOU.

YOU will get a communication within 24 hours of a request even if it's just an update stating when you'll get the final answer.

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