Quanta™ Fine-Pitch LED Video Wall Panel

QST Quanta™ series is the latest generation of 16:9 LED video wall panels on the market today.

Designed purely for indoor environment, we use components with the highest black contrast ratio and a true 16-bit HDR for a butter smooth image.

With the ease of service and scalability, the Quanta™ series will surely wow your clients. Meticulously designed form the ground up, the Uber™ series is a truly marvelous design for the LED video wall.

The Quanta™ Video wall panels are perfectly designed for Corporate Lobbies, Conference Rooms, Command and Control, Airports, Retail and more!

Let Quanta Video wall panels help your client foster pride in their organization, create visibility in the corporate environment, and create awareness within their employees!

With a dimension of 600mm W X 337.5 mm H  x 50mm D the LED video wall panel has a native 16:9 ratio. Width and Height Identical to Planar/Leyard TWS Series.

Our panels allow for either/or front or rear service, selectable on-site for the ultimate flexibility in installation.

Components sourced from TAA compliant countries.  Essential for military and government projects.


The Uber panel are as low as 50mm (Less than 2″) in thickness for a completely flush wall-mount.

Panel has redundancy built in for mission-critical applications.

Read more about the redundancy technology here

No Ribbon, CAT5 or Power Cables for a clean install.

NanoArmour™ is available for complete LED protection


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U1.2 U1.5 U1.8

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