NanoArmour™ Technology

The Revolution is Here!

The NanoArmour™ is a proprietary technology that may be the single biggest technological breakthrough to transform the direct-view LED video screen industry in the next decade!

The Problem

As professionals who work with LED Screens on a daily basis, we have all experienced the fragility of the SMD (Surface-Mount Device) LEDs.  Each SMD is soldiered by the four tiny legs (lead-frame) with a tension force of mere <5/Kg per SQM. 

The SMD can easily fall off with a simple contact during transportation and/or installation. This is especially detrimental and costly to repair for narrow-pitch screens with an enormous pixel density.

The Solution

We carefully immerse our LED module face in a proprietary, Japanese-made, premium-grade epoxy resin. Sealing is achieved on a nano-level in a vacuum-chamber similar to the method used to enable Samsung phones to achieve IP68. Imagine, each SMD is infused in an ember-like fashion reminiscent of eggs sitting inside an egg carton.


As the result, SMD failure due to cold-solder joints can now be controlled to <1 PPM (Part per Million), vs. the industry standard of 5 PPM.

Eye Candy

Formulated for the perfect optical mixing, the NanoArmor™ enables stunning visuals that appears soft to the eyes. Contrast ratio is dramatically improved due to its matte properties.

Flawless Protection

NanoArmour™ coated LED video wall provides protection from accidental impact, liquids, dust, electrostatic discharge (ESD) and humidity. Force impact testing shows the tremendous superiority of the NanoArmour™

Amazing Viewing

In addition to the increased viewing softness of the screen on the eyes, NanoArmour™ provides >4X the contrast ratio of conventional LED video walls.

Check the NanoArmour™ Video Compilation​

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