NanoArmour™ Technology

The Revolution is Here!

The NanoArmour™ is a proprietary technology that may be the single biggest technological breakthrough to transform the direct-view LED video screen industry in the next decade!

The Problem

As professionals who work with LED Screens on a daily basis, we have all experienced the fragility of the SMD (Surface-Mount Device) LEDs.  Each SMD is soldiered by the four tiny legs (lead-frame) with a tension force of mere <5/Kg per SQM. 

The SMD can easily fall off with a simple contact during transportation and/or installation. This is especially detrimental and costly to repair for narrow-pitch screens with an enormous pixel density.

The Solution

We carefully immerse our LED module face in a proprietary, Japanese-made, premium-grade epoxy resin. Sealing is achieved on a nano-level in a vacuum-chamber similar to the method used to enable Samsung phones to achieve IP68. Imagine, each SMD is infused in an ember-like fashion reminiscent of eggs sitting inside an egg carton.


As the result, SMD failure due to cold-solder joints can now be controlled to <1 PPM (Part per Million), vs. the industry standard of 5 PPM.

Eye Candy

Formulated for the perfect optical mixing, the NanoArmor™ enables stunning visuals that appears soft to the eyes. Contrast ratio is dramatically improved due to its matte properties.

Flawless Protection

NanoArmour™ coated LED video wall provides protection from accidental impact, liquids, dust, electrostatic discharge (ESD) and humidity. Force impact testing shows the tremendous superiority of the NanoArmour™

Amazing Viewing

In addition to the increased viewing softness of the screen on the eyes, NanoArmour™ provides >4X the contrast ratio of conventional LED video walls.

Check the NanoArmour™ Video Compilation​

QST LED™ is an award-winning, LED video manufacturer with significant projects deployed all throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Middle-East since 2007. Our LED screens have been associated with fine organizations such as the NBA, NFL, NHL, NASCAR, PGA,USOC, and in locales such as the Times Square Novotel, Superbowl LV Arena. As an American majority-owned company with low cost Asian manufacturing subsidiaries, we take pride in using top-tier components and delivering high-quality, reasonably priced screens with local inventory and technical services. 
In 2022, QST LED launched the HOLODECK™ LED division to serve the international Virtual Production community. HOLODECK™ LED technology powers an estimated 70% of the XR/VP studios in China including the most influential film company and University film program, China film group and The Tsinghua University, respectively, uses our technology exclusively. We have also been approved by the likes of Lux-Machina, Vu Studios, and have participated in camera tests at the legendary Pinewood Studios, ETC and many other shoot-out!
Contact today to learn more about our LED technology that’s specially formulated for VP and ICVFX. Demo’s are readily available in North America, Europe and Asia. 
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