4i 19×19′ South Beach, Miami, FL

Rudolf Budja Gallery Miami Beach

Mr. Rudolf Budja, the owner of several art galleries across Europe and Miami, a connoisseur of Andy Warhol and Shepard Fairey, and an avid classic cars and Swiss watch enthusiast, expects nothing but the best in life.

This the precise reason when Mr. Budja and his designer came to us to convert his Miami Beach gallery into a chic meeting venue, we presented a perfect idea. 

One of the large gallery halls lacked something.  A centerpiece that would tie everything together.

QST 4mm panels were formed into a 19×19′ seamless backdrop in his gallery. Our panels allowed for hassle-free complete front service.

The gallery with our stunning looking video wall is now equipped to hosts party and meetings for high-end guests all across Miami!

"Superb Installation, The gallery is now truly the spot be in Miami Beach."

Pitch: 4mm
Size: 19X19′ (5.63 X 5.63M)
Service: Front
Refresh Rate: >4000 Khz

Full Front Service

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