Cost performance Display Units

27“ | 600x337.5mm

Ordinary, but not mediocre. Compatible with most of the most popular product sizes on the market, while the unique module design is refreshing. It is a sharp weapon against the rising price tide and brings you and your customers the most economical enjoyment. More discount on bulk orders, heart than action!

Popular and Welcome

wherever it goes

If you want to install a simple and convenient video wall, you don’t need to consider too much. These three commonly used pixel pitch have suggested the standard of indoor display. NX series has very obvious regularity, you can easily make a standard FHD 2K display wall.

108inch = 4x4 array P1.25 1080p FHD

136inch = 5x5 array P1.56 1080p FHD

160inch = 6x6 array P1.875 1080p FHD

Simple design concept

Salute the classic

*Picture for reference

*Physical sketch

Simplest design is the best design, without unnecessary cumbersome and too much decoration. It pays homage to the classic design of LED display cabinet, which only includes modules, power/signal on HUB board and Die- casting Al cabinet.

It works when you sleep

24/7 redundancy backup

Normal type

Redundancy type

If you apply NX series to online assembly for a long time, or need a monitoring center on duty all the time, backup system should be your wise choice. Discuss with your LED display consultant, make a power and signal loop backup system, and then say goodbye to the system fault.

Good product

survive on quality

Rigorous testing process

High Quality Material

Sufficient aging time

Perfect industrial equipment

As mentioned in the previous page, this product is a popular size on the market, with mature manufacturing technology. In addition to our strict material use, efficient production and multiple quality testing, the manufacturing cost is reduced to a controllable range. It’s not the way to survive to cut costs by cutting corners, but lean production is.

P1.25 P1.56 P1.875
Size 600x337.5mm
Screen Ratio 16:9
Depth 40mm
Panel mode TOP1010 Common Anode TOP1212 Common Cathod TOP1515 Common Cathod
Resolution 480*270px 384*216px 320*180px
Pixel Density 640,000 dot/m2 640,000 dot/m2 84,444 dot/m2
Weigh 5kg/panel
Material Die-Casting Al
Brightness 400-600 600-800 600-800
Contrast ratio 5000:1
Area 0.2025m2
Color Temperature 3200-9300 K
Viewing angle 160° H/V
Refresh Rate 1920-3840Hz
Color Figure 14-16bit
Avr. Power consumption 270 W 235 W
Heat dissipation 920 BTU/H 800 BTU/H
Installation Fix on wall/Standing
Maintenance Full Front Service
Life span ≥100,000 H

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