How Can AV Improve Scholastic Experiences?

How Can AV Improve Scholastic Experiences?

When you think of AV (audiovisual) media, you usually think of big events, such as football games or art galleries. 

And you’d be right. Audiovisual media is mostly used by big organizations and companies to:

  • promote a service or a product
  • entertain the public
  • give out important information

But there is much more to AV than just that. For example, did you know that AV can improve scholastic experiences?

Now, most of us are used to a more traditional way of schooling. But with the mass popularisation of technology, the younger generations are getting more and more used to having digital appliances included into each department of their lives. 

One of those departments is school

Looking at the statistics, the numbers show that 98% of the youngest generations (Gen Z) own smartphones and 88% have access to a laptop or a computer at home. This makes children and teenagers more than prepared to use technology for educational purposes. 

But what exactly are the benefits of educational technology, and more importantly, of audiovisual education? Let’s find out:

Defining Educational Technology and Audiovisual Education

To understand the notion of audiovisual education, we must first understand what education technology is, as these two can be seen as interdependent. 

According to AECT (Association for Educational Communications and Technology), educational technology can be defined as: 

the study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using and managing appropriate technological processes and resources.

Comparatively, audiovisual education refers to the usage of visual and audio materials to support the staff of an educational institution in the teaching process and to aid children and teenagers alike in the learning process. 

These audiovisual materials can be pictures, movies, audio recording, and documentaries and they require technological appliances, such as computers and LED screens to function. 

In short, audiovisual education requires technology, which makes it a sub-branch of educational technology. 

What Are the Benefits of Audiovisual Education? 

There are many reasoning why educational institutions should use educational technology and of course, audiovisual materials in their curriculum. Audiovisual education has the potential to:

Make Classes More Dynamic

We all had that one class where minutes seemed to pass like hours. The subject might have been hard to understand, or the teacher was not passionate enough.

This can be avoided with the integration of audiovisual materials into class materials. Classes can be more interactive and fun, and teachers can use these materials to make the students feel more involved in the whole teaching-learning process. 

Help Students Understand the Subjects Better

Different students have different styles of learning new information. Some students might be visual or auditory learners, while others might be kinesthetic or reading/writing learners. 

Audiovisual materials will surely help the auditory and visual learners acquire information at a much better place and it will even stimulate the other kinds of learners, as the materials are dynamic and interesting. 

Improve Focus in the Classroom 

It’s easy to lose concentration during a class, especially if you don’t have anything stimulating. 

But if you have audiovisual materials, then it will be less likely for students to lose interest or focus during class. It’s much easier to pay attention to a PowerPoint presentation than just to look at plain textbooks for the entire time of the class. 

Increase Motivation and Curiosity 

Audiovisual materials significantly improve a teacher’s lessons by making the subject earlier to go through and to remember. 

If we are to compare the traditional way of teaching, where students just have textbooks, printed materials, and their teachers, to a more modern take on teaching, where students also have audiovisual materials, then it’s very likely that the modern way of teaching will be preferred. 

Audiovisual materials show students that their teachers care about making their classrooms more dynamic and interesting. This will in turn increase the levels of motivation that students have and will make students and teenagers more curious about the subjects taught. 

Bottom Line 

Audiovisual education is an investment that every educational institution should make. Not only for the benefit of the children but also to help teachers elevate their teaching skills and their classes. 

Now, audiovisual education would not be possible without the necessary components and a very important component is the LED panel.

LED screens or panels are resilient, easy to manage, and affordable. In other words, they are perfect for educational institutions. If you would like to know more about LED screens or if you would like to directly purchase a few screens for your school or university, then you can contact us today. 

Not only will we offer you the best LED screens on the market, but we will also help you with the installation and maintenance processes. This way, your teachers and students can have the best audiovisual experience possible. 


QST LED™ is an award-winning, LED video manufacturer with significant projects deployed all throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Middle-East since 2007. Our LED screens have been associated with fine organizations such as the NBA, NFL, NHL, NASCAR, PGA,USOC, and in locales such as the Times Square Novotel, Superbowl LV Arena. As an American majority-owned company with low cost Asian manufacturing subsidiaries, we take pride in using top-tier components and delivering high-quality, reasonably priced screens with local inventory and technical services. 
In 2022, QST LED launched the HOLODECK™ LED division to serve the international Virtual Production community. HOLODECK™ LED technology powers an estimated 70% of the XR/VP studios in China including the most influential film company and University film program, China film group and The Tsinghua University, respectively, uses our technology exclusively. We have also been approved by the likes of Lux-Machina, Vu Studios, and have participated in camera tests at the legendary Pinewood Studios, ETC and many other shoot-out!
Contact today to learn more about our LED technology that’s specially formulated for VP and ICVFX. Demo’s are readily available in North America, Europe and Asia. 
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