General Ordering FAQ

How do I started with ordering a LED Video screen? What are the common steps involved?

  1. Review and Accept the Quote
    • Verify all specifications, parameter and costs, especially that controller and spare parts are included
    • Sign off on shop drawing to confirm the dimensions on customized products 
  2. Payment of Deposit(50%)
    • www.qstled.com/wire
  3. Production/Testing/Packing/Acceptance
    • Final Burn-in (Photos provided upon request) (3 Days)
    • Factory Acceptance (1 Day)
    • Payment of Balance (50%)
    • Logistics Planning 
  4. Shipping
    • Factory pick-up and Chinese Customs Examination (2-4 days)
    • Worldwide Ocean Shipping 2-5 Weeks
    • Worldwide Air Shipping 7-10 Days
  5. Local Customs clearance (~ 3 days)
  6. Pick up from Customs Warehouse or last-leg delivery to Customer’s Dock
  7. Accept Shipment
    1. Sign off on QST Warranty and Industry Best Practices

What are some things that I may need to pay attention to?

  • Estimated turn time for delivery:
    • Inventory Item: 2-3 Days for Packing and Final Inspection
    • Customized Product:  Manufacturing Lead Time: 4 – 8 Weeks. Refer to PO/Quote for the exact lead time.
  • Shipment via Air: 7 – 10 days (1 – 1.5 Weeks)
    Shipment via Ocean:
    • West Coast USA (2-3 weeks)
    • East Coast USA (4-5 weeks)
    • Europe (4 weeks)
    • MEA (2 weeks)
  • Local Customs Clearance
    • USA – will be coordinated by QST LED. It takes usually about 3 days from the time the shipment arrives at the port and when our customs broker agent completes the customs process.  When the process is finished, the shipment will be made available to the client for pick-up at the port, or QST LED can help the client coordinate last-leg delivery if requested.
    • EU/MEA/Asia – The client is to locate a local customs broker and shipping partner for the last-leg delivery.
  • Standard Delivery provided by QST is to the nearest Airport or Ocean Port specified by the Dealer. The Dealer is responsible for pickup and delivery to the client’s destination unless specific alternate arrangements are made with QST.
  • Installation Specifications
    The LED Screen can be mounted per specific site requirements. The installation plan can be produced and configured in a drawing prior to the installation and delivery of the video wall. 
  • Installation is assumed to be handled by the Dealer that is ordering the LED Video Wall system for the client. 
  • QST can offer technical guidance on-site or remotely. For the first installation, QST is prepared to provide an on-site technician once the Dealer agrees to cover the cost of travel (Hotel & Airfare) for the QST Technician.

Q: Let’s just say I wanted A LOT more. Is it possible to get in the same batch? 

A: We can’t guarantee the exact same batch, since that’s controlled by our upstream diode supplier.  But we can request for the closest bin (the larger the order the closer we can get–in fact)  then we can have Nova do a secondary calibration on the two batches of screens so they can be nearly identical.

Q: Does this quote include the mounts needed for mounting the LED screen to a wall?

A: The quote doesn’t include any mounting frame/structure unless it’s specifically listed, but we can help design the mounting hardware and produce shop drawings when the time comes.


  • Parts Warranty & In-House Labor, including spare parts swap as listed in the quote. Based on Customer Level. qstled.com/warranty for full info.  
  • Damaged parts caused by shipping need to be documented by photos and will be repaired/replaced.  Additional parts will need to be paid for.

Q: Who pays for the shipping for an RMA?

A: Clients pay the leg going to our service depot and any associated duties.  We pay for the shipping going back to the client. In other words, each party takes responsibility for a single leg of the shipment.


General Technical FAQ


  • Content produced and formatted as AVI or MP4
    Video content should be created at the pixel count of the screen and and an aspect ratio to match the pixel count. Other Windows Graphic file formats are support by the player software.
  • Loaded to a cloud server (Private or is this hosted by you?)
    There is an option for a cloud server, this would only be used in a multi-store configuration. What we wanted to clarify during the show is that the content can be easily streamed from a computer or media player at the client location.
  • A wireless router/ player is connected to the display panels (hard wired)
    The provided media player in the quote is a Wi-Fi-enabled device.
  • Playlists are controlled by an APP connected to the player via LAN/Wi-Fi
    Your content will stream from your tablet or smartphone via the App connected to the same Wi-Fi Network.
  • Separate display modules can be linked together or will they require separate media players for each section?
    Each Media Player can handle 2.5 Million Pixels so the single device included in the quote is more than sufficient for driving these configurations.
  • What are the specifications for media content production/ output for Optimal performance and picture quality?
    Given the scale of the video wall, the content does not need to exceed the Pixel Resolution of the LED Video Wall. Each project pixel count is custom. Video Wall Overall Picture Quality is determined by the content and viewing distance as well. Higher Resolution content does not make a difference in this application.

Rental/Touring Product Specific

How are flight cases calculated?

  • Flight cases commonly carry 8 panels although 6 and 4-panel cases are also available.

Can fly bars be used for ground support bars?

  • Yes, fly bars can be flipped over and used as a ground support beam (bar).
  • Eye bolts can be removed by turning in the counter-clockwise direction


General Company FAQ

Do you source displays or design or manufacture?

  • We are mainly a design firm with 80% of our work in custom design. We have spent over $9 Million in the last 5 years (2018-2022) in Product Development.
  • We work with LED pick-and-placement partners who also build for some of the largest brands in the world.
  • On products that we don’t have competency in, we outsource to vetted partners and perform strict FAT at the end of the production to ensure quality. 
  • We also do OEM “white-label” work for some of the largest “LED Manufacturers” in the industry.

Ocean Shipment FAQ

What is a CFS” (close to the end—shipping section

Q: “Where do we track a boat or vessel that’s mentioned on the BOL”?  A: “www.vesselfinder.com“


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