Maintenance Tips for Outdoor LED Displays

Maintenance Tips for Outdoor LED Displays

In today’s digital era, having a digital billboard for your business is crucial in your marketing strategy. Learn what it takes for proper maintenance.


In today’s marketplace, without the appropriate marketing strategy, your business is less likely to succeed. There’s no better way to increase your brand awareness than with an impactful LED display. If done right, digital billboard ads can take your business to the next level.

Cost-effective and friendly with the environment, outdoor LED displays will not only improve your company’s growth, but it will also create more visibility and trustworthiness for your business. We all know that digital marketing is the future, so let’s all make the best out of it. 

But first, let’s see what it takes to rightfully maintain a digital billboard. Even though their quality is withstanding a variety of adverse external influences, good maintenance is still essential. 

Below, we gathered a list of the 8 most important things you should take care of to ensure a long-lasting life for your outdoor LED display. Are you ready to learn more? Let’s dig in!

Regular Checks

Before you have your regular check, make sure your outdoor LED digital billboard is dry and free of any conductive metal objects. If your screen is being exposed to constant humidity, the parts can be affected by corrosion, which means permanent damage. 

It’s essential to have a professional do routine maintenance. This will protect your screen’s health and brightness over a long period of time.

Regular Cleaning

As the screen is exposed in an open area, regular cleaning is key. Even though the display is qualitative enough to be kept outside, if it’s not being cleaned regularly, it can get sensitive to the dust brought by the wind. 

At least once a year, the system should be dismantled for a thorough cleaning, but the surface area should be wiped clean, so no dust gets stuck, taking into consideration that the dust particles can overheat and slow its functioning.

Daily external influences like dust, wind, rain, sun and others can accumulate dirt over time, which can lead to large financial losses if not cleaned in time. Periodically wiping the screen with a cloth with alcohol and then a dry one, will keep your LED display safe.

Hardware And Software Maintenance

Regularly checking the hardware and software of your LED display is another factor that can contribute to the long-lasting life of your screen. 

While examining all the parts of the hardware for malfunctions, you can see if they are properly attached, if there are worn elements (which will have to be replaced) and if there is water present in the system. To avoid component corrosion, make sure to keep humid elements away from all parts, not only the screen itself. Fastenings should be also checked in case they are affected by environmental factors.

On the other hand, software maintenance involves keeping your software and all the network security systems up-to-date. When making an update, you have the possibility to find out if something is not right with your system. This will allow you to repair the screen in time and all files that are unnecessary should be removed. Regular updates will also help you check the system remotely and get alerted at the first signs of malfunctioning. 

Temperature Regulation

If you want to avoid the damage to your LED display, the installation of a closed air loop circulation system is crucial. This will protect it from contaminant infiltration and moisture. 

Don’t forget that temperature can affect the functioning of your screen. Even if it’s designed to resist at sub-zero and very high temperatures, keeping it at acceptable temperatures will avoid a complete stoppage.

When buying or renting, make sure it’s the right fit for the temperature you’re going to expose it to, since they are designed even for extreme climates. Moreover, an optically attached glass is another option that can better protect the display from sunlight and water.

Check The Power Supply

Frequent power surges can cause overheating, and if your LED screen is exposed to high temperatures, the situation can get worse. For an efficient and uninterrupted operation, make sure the power supply is stable, and it has good ground protection. 

On And Off Switching

While many do not take into consideration this part, the way in which you turn on and off your system can make a difference. 

When you turn it on, first, you should turn the computer and then the display. While, when turning it off, first should go the LED screen, then the control software and only after that the computer. Turning off the computer, first, might lead to bright points and burn out.

Use it Properly

Another important factor in the maintenance of your LED display is the way you use it. If you take into consideration the suggestions above, your screen will definitely last longer. 

Work With Professionals

Whenever you experience a failure in the system, make sure the fault is eliminated as quickly as possible, so the damage won’t be permanent. 

In this case, it is essential to contact a professional to immediately and efficiently solve the issue. Allowing someone with no experience can only make the problem bigger. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for additional questions and help! With digital billboard advertising, your business can grow in no time.

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