QST launches revolutionary DigiGlass

Date Announced: 28 Apr 2011

DigiGlass Brings Sleek & Sexy to the LED Display Industry

Las Vegas – Quality Systems Technology introduced the latest in LED display innovation today with the official launch of DigiGlass (pat. pending). This breakthrough technology combines unique architecture, convenient design and a sleek, sexy look, and is available only from QST.

The DigiGlass LED System is an ultra-thin, 80 percent transparent medium, so consumers indoors and out can see directly through the signage while it is active. DigiGlass does not affect the overall appearance of a building’s façade and can be switched on or off with the click of a mouse.

“DigiGlass is unlike any LED product available today,” said Eng Yeh, vice president of marketing, QST. “An engineering marvel, DigiGlass is the versatile and cost effective way to get your message out there. It’s literally the future of signage with a clear advantage.”

Unlike some other LED products, which can be cumbersome, expensive and time-consuming to construct, DigiGlass is super compact at only 8 mm thick, lightweight at 2.5 lbs./sq. ft., and suitable for fitting on the inside of any glass window or wall. Modules can be easily mounted to glass in minutes without having to change any existing building structure, so it’s perfect for commercial buildings, landmark architecture, malls, art centers, super markets, etc. DigiGlass outclasses other LED systems in price and set-up time, too, costing up to 200 percent less than traditional modules and taking only 1-2 weeks to set up, versus up to six months for permitting and production on traditional.

About Quality Systems Technology
With 18 years of LED Display manufacturing expertise, QST is a leader in both technological advancement and product reliability. QST products have been seen in 40 countries, including as a partner supplier in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and on tour with Grammy winners Brooks & Dunn. With local sales, technical support and manufacturing base, QST is known for outstanding customer service and quality products. For more information, visit www.qstled.com.

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QST is a boutique LED screen manufacturer with over 12 years of experience and 10’s of millions of dollars of LED screens deployed in North America.  Our LED screens have been associated with fine organizations such as the NBA, NFL, NHL, NASCAR, LPGA, USOC, and FIFA World Cups.  As an American company with low-cost manufacturing subsidiaries, we take pride in designing in top-tier components and delivering high quality, reasonably priced screens with local inventory and technical and sales services.  Learn more: qstled.com or youtube.com/qstled

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