Seven Ways To Improve Corporate Communications Using Digital Signage

Seven Ways To Improve Corporate Communications Using Digital Signage

Guest Post: Neeraj Singal, Taggbox

As we move ahead in time, the competition around industries keeps rising. As a result, companies are under constant pressure to perform better to sustain and stand straight in this stream of competitiveness.

The real people who are getting this intensive environment experience are your employees. They are the pedestal of your company that keeps it standing

So, it becomes necessary to keep them happy and provide smooth communication facilities to perform better. If you ask us, then corporate digital signage systems are a perfect solution.

The responsive visuals of digital signage that update in real-time provide the best quality content for your employees. Corporate digital signage facilitates better communication opportunities, improved employee engagement, and an easy-going environment.

1. Engage Your Employees

Creating employee engagement opportunities is something you can not ignore if you want to keep your employees happy and perform better. Some 71% of executives say that employee engagement is critical to their company’s success.

Show your employees they are important to you by displaying pictures of the employee of the month or birthdays of the month on the corporate digital signage. It will keep your employees encouraged to perform better.

If you want to take things to the next level, you can also have a happy hour every week at your office. You can organize ice-breaking sessions, fun quizzes, or play music on the digital signage to lighten up the employees’ mood, creating more communication opportunities

2. Provide Improved Visitors’ Experience

If you are an office that receives new visitors, job seekers, or clients every other day, it is crucial to create a positive first impression for the image of your company. Digital signage is the perfect tool for you. Their attention-grabbing feature becomes a beneficial factor.

Place the digital signage display at the entrance for your office or the reception, and display rules that everyone at the office follows, so that the new visitor can read them and get a better understanding. 86% of potential employees reported that they would not apply for a company that has a bad reputation.

You can also display the map of your premises and show directions, so that the visitor finds it easy to navigate wherever they want to go without disturbing any employee. You can also show off your company’s achievements by displaying them on corporate digital signage. All this will create a good impression for your company.

3. Display Social Feed Using Social Wall

Social media has become a crucial part of our lives, and we all love it. So why keep things different in your workspace? There are platforms like Taggbox Display that allow you to display a social media wall on digital signage.

These platforms collect your social media feed for you and give features like moderation and customization for the social wall to give the best to your employees.

Live social wall updates in real-time, making employee communication smooth. You can collect Facebook or Google reviews given by your employees or ex-employees, talking about their experience working with you, and display them on the social wall for visitors or job seekers to build trust. You could also share your business’ social media activities to keep the employees updated; the possibilities are endless.

4. Display Customer Feedback

Work roles might be different among the employees as per their job roles, but one goal that keeps them all together is to provide the best to the customers and keep them satisfied.

A content customer means a happy company. So it is crucial to share customers’ feedback among the employees no matter good or bad. Use corporate digital signage to display the feedback so that every employee can see them.

If the feedback is good, it will make your employees feel appreciated for their hard work. If it is negative, they get encouraged to perform better to convert the negative feedback into a positive one.

5. Highlight New Policies Introduced By HR

Human Resource Management works to provide a better work environment to the employees. So as the company moves forward, they keep bringing in policies that would work best for the employees.

Traditionally, employees would receive an email whenever there is a new policy to function. Some employees might read it, but emails can’t assure that each employee has read it. That’s when corporate digital signage comes into action.

Display the newly implemented policies to keep each employee updated with the company’s functioning.

6. Celebrate Company Achievements

If you want a healthy work environment with content employees, you must attain practices that work towards that goal. One such way is to celebrate the company’s achievements, big or small. 37% of employees consider recognition most important.

Display these achievements on corporate digital signage to share them among your employees and thank them for their hard work. You can even record a video of the CEO thanking the employees and display it on the screens.

When you do so, you are bridging the communication gap between the CEO and the employees. You are also encouraging them to perform better every time you celebrate their success.

7. Display Upcoming Events

One such way to improve corporate communications is by organizing events outside the employees’ cubicles. Change in the environment will be refreshing for the employees, and they will have something other than the work pressure they can look forward to.

But first, it’s necessary to encourage your employees to participate. Digital signage screens can be your go-to partner to generate interest among your employees around the upcoming event.

Display the event’s brochure and other attention-grabbing elements of your event. It will maximize employee participation. Not just that, you can display past event pictures on digital signages to create excitement among the new employees.

Over To You

A company’s success relies on its employees’ happiness, something you can achieve if you give them a free space to communicate and make them feel important. Digital signage is the perfect tool for your premises, they are attention-grabbing, responsive and your employees will love it!

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