QST LED installs 21 x 80′ 10mm screen in Times Square

QST LED installs 21 x 80′ 10mm screen in Times Square

QST LED is proud to announce the installation of our Novotel Hotel digital screen located at the heart of Times Square.

The 21 x 80′ (24.3×6.4M) screen perches on the Novotel Hotel at the corner of Broadway and 52nd St. 

The screen consists of a long 59×21′ section that faces W 51st St and a short 21×21′ section facing Broadway.

The 10mm screen showcases one of the most updated and advanced technology in Times Square today.

Working with the end-client, integrator, and city-planners, a 87 degree mitered corner was designed to accommodate the city ordinances.

The mitered corner seam has only a 2mm gap and appears to be seamless.

This intersection will serve an estimated 30 million impressions a month.

Pitch: 10mm
Model: Versa
Size: 21′ H x 80′ W (24.3×6.4M)
Matrix: 640 H * 2432 W
Refresh Rate: >3000 HZ
Serviceability: Front
Diode: Nationstar RS

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