5 Places Where You Should Install an LED Wall Display

5 Places Where You Should Install an LED Wall Display

When running a business, marketing is definitely one of the first things you should pay attention to. A well-established marketing strategy will not only bring you more customers, but it will also win your customer’s trust. This is very important because with trust comes loyalty. 

Besides solidifying your customer base, marketing can also develop your brand image and reputation. And of course, it can drive sales, which in turn will get you a better ROI. 

Now, many people believe that the main purpose behind marketing is to convince people of purchasing a product or service. And they wouldn’t be entirely wrong. But in order to have a marketing campaign that is able to run for a long period of time, you have to switch it up. 

What does this essentially mean? This means that besides all that promotional content, your business also needs to share educational and entertaining content. And one way to deliver this kind of content is through LED wall displays and screens. 

For the longest time, wall displays and billboards have been used in marketing. And with technology being so widely accessible, these traditional marketing techniques have been slowly but surely modernized. 

Today, you can use LED wall displays and LED billboards to bring more excitement into your marketing strategy. But one dilemma remains: where exactly should you install these LED panels? 

We come today with 5 great places in which you can install your LED wall displays:

Waiting Rooms and Lobbies 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a b2b, a b2c, or an entrepreneur. If you interact directly with your customers, then having an LED wall display is the way to go. By strategically positioning a screen in a waiting area or a lobby, your customers will have nothing else to do but to watch what you’ve chosen to display. 

This is a great opportunity to educate your potential customers on your business’ history, practices, and services or to offer some fun facts from your field. You can even mix and match the information that’s being displayed. 

And this technique works perfectly for solopreneurs as well. For example, if you’re a dentist and own an office, then you can show on your LED wall display the best practices for brushing your teeth or some fun facts about the human body. 


In the office, you can either use LED wall displays as decoration, or you can reinforce the companies policies and practices by showing them occasionally on screen. 

The wall displays can be either placed on hallways or above cubicles if your office has a shared desk space. Our personal suggestion is to invest in a game room and adding LED screens to it. 

That way, your employees can go relax during their breaks by either watching some YouTube videos or even playing some games. You can add an LED screen in the kitchen as well so people can watch shows, the daily news, or just listen to some music. 

High Trafficked Public Areas

Billboards and posters have been placed in highly trafficked areas, such as public transportation stations for years. But now, businesses have the chance to replace the traditional poster with attractive LED wall displays. 

The public spaces in which you could put your LED wall displays and billboards are on the buildings surrounding main roads, in train stations, metros, sports arenas, and stadiums. 

Of course, these are just a few examples, but the positioning of your wall displays depends very much on what you can also afford. Obviously, renting a billboard or putting a billboard in a high trafficked area can get pretty expensive, so you need to think about the long-term implications. 

But in these kinds of areas, people don’t stand still. They are constantly coming and going, so in this case, the best practice would be to share just promotional content. 

Art Installations and Expositions

We can say that modern art is very diverse. If the artists presenting their work haven’t integrated LEDs into their art already, then maybe it would be a good idea to add some LED wall displays or screens around the art pieces.

The LED displays could complement the art or even present information about the artist and their inspiration for the pieces they have created. 

All in all, the combination of LED wall displays and art will definitely impress any art lover that decides to visit the installations. 

Social Places 

If you own a restaurant or a pub, then you should definitely embellish your walls with some LED displays. In these kinds of settings, your display will mostly fulfill a purely aesthetic and decorative purpose, as people don’t usually like seeing promotional content when they are trying to relax. But that’s okay! 

After all, one of the main purposes of marketing is to entertain your customers and make sure they come back for more. And especially in a social place like a restaurant or a bar, you should make sure that you can create a relaxed and open atmosphere. LED wall displays can definitely help you do that. 

Where To Get Your LEDs From

By now, you might have been convinced of the marketing efficacy of LED wall displays, but where exactly can you get these screens?

Well, we got the solution for you! Not only do we provide the best LED displays, but we can advise you which display to pick so that it matches your business needs. And once you purchase it, we can help you install and maintain it!

If you want to talk with one of our experts and get more information, then contact us today!

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