SBA study on Outdoor LED Signs: 15-150% increase in business!

SBA study on Outdoor LED Signs: 15-150% increase in business!

The Small Business Administration cites signs as the most effective, yet least expensive form of advertis­ing for small businesses. More specifically, with an LED sign the cost per thousand impressions (CPT) is as little as 15 cents.  Also, a small business enhancing their signage with an LED sign can see an increase in business from 15-150%.

For example, a business that makes $1,000 a day in gross income adds an LED sign. Traffic quickly increases by the minimum 15%, adding $150 per day in total sales. This turns into an additional $1,050 a week, or $54,600 a year. If using the 150% estimate, the weekly increase in sales becomes $10,050 or $546,000 a year!

Businesses often select their advertising medium based upon the CPT exposures to the public. No other form of advertising comes close to matching the efficiency and cost-effectiveness, dollar for dollar, of an LED sign:

• Newspapers – On average, the cost is about $7.39 per 1000 exposures
• Television – On average, the cost is about $6.26 for 1000 exposures.
• Radio – About $5.47 for 1000 exposures.
• New LED display – Less than $0.15 for 1000 exposures.

For example, if you invest $10,000 on an LED sign with a life span of ten years, the amortized cost on a daily basis is about $0.91. Add the daily electricity fee (approximately $0.20), giving your LED sign expense total of $1.11. If daily vehicle traffic (passing your sign) is 20,000, your cost would be less than $0.15 per 1000 exposures (and that’s counting drivers only)!

The best part is, with an LED sign, you don’t have to worry about missing the target audience, becoming yesterday’s news, or having production fees to change the promotion–which can be costly with TV, radio and newspapers.

With an LED sign, you own the advertising medium. It works 24 hours a day and performs as a very reliable and highly visible salesman; drawing eye-ball off the street and attracting the 80% potential customers who live, play, and commute with a 10 mile radius of your business.

The custom tailored message speaks straight to the potential customer as they pass by your company’s location, and the LED sign makes your company a landmark in the community showing weather and PSA announcements.

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